• Year – 2019
  • Category – Branding Strategy

Drawing on the auxiliary graphics and colors developed by Stonecutters Square, next to the calmness, patience, and persistence of the stonemason, the brand’s exclusive image is extend- ed. The first letter S of Stone, the first letter C of Cutters and the first letter S of Square are taken as the main signs of the logo.

The pattern of the hammer is combined to design the tone of the brand that represents the spirit of the stonemason. The color, mature, with the calmness. The image of the natural scenery “Stone” extended by the brand’s visual design is used for the cover / back, front page, and the clean and balanced visual layout design reflects the natural and human nature.

In addition to the aesthetic requirements, readability is also an important design consideration. Corresponding to the typographic design of the book and the image of the situation, each fulfills its duties to achieve the transfer of atmosphere and communication on information, so as to make the overall construction A sense of harmony and comfort.

Stonecutters Square